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Watch our JKX video, covering our buying trips and our Koi Masterclass week here in Niigata, Japan.

Japan Koi Export (JKX) is a well-established company based in Ojiya City, Niigata, which is the heartland of Japanese Koi.
Martin Symonds formed JKX so that he could bring the very best koi from Niigata to customers at the very best possible prices, or “farm prices” as Martin calls it. For 38 years he has been buying and shipping Japanese koi around the world. JKX are not agents, or ‘middle men’ who visit the area a couple of times a year. René Villela, (Martin’s associate) is based in Ojiya, Niigata and works closely side by side with many of the breeders. Martin himself has lived in Ojiya for 12 years.

Consol list 2020

We specialise in supplying koi, whether personally selected by you here in Japan, or by selecting from our Spring Consol list, via this website or through our sister website at www.exclusivejapanesekoi.com

CONSOL LIST 2020 Our new Consol list covering the leading breeders of Niigata’s koi is available to view from mid December 2019/January 2020. You will find our prices for koi and freight are the lowest competitive prices available. We start shipping from mid February through to June and new offers are made throughout the season. A full range of koi (pictures and videos) we offer can be found on www.exclusivejapanesekoi.com

Enquiries from agents, wholesalers and dealers worldwide are welcome.

JKX Buying Trips 2020

BUYING TRIPS 2020  Our small personal buying trips are designed around our customers so you get the full benefit of being the very best koi and being able to buy them at the very best price due to our 38 years of close friendship and business relationship. We arrange all the shipping and health documentation for shipping your koi. These trips start from mid February 2020 – June and then again from October to December 2020.

 If you’re looking for quality koi to compliment your collection then why not join JKX on one of their personal buying trips. Based in Ojiya Niigata and members of the Niigata Shinkokai Association, JKX makes us your perfect partner to show you around and find that perfect koi for you. Get in touch with JKX so we can discuss your requirements.

Koi Masterclass

“We have over 38 years of experience buying and supplying Japanese koi around the world. Working in Ojiya, Niigata 365 days of the year has allowed our business relationship to form a long term friendship with the breeders and this allows you access to the best koi at the best prices.

Whether you come with us for 1 day, 1 week or longer to buy Koi, or join us on one of our Koi masterclasses or on one of our tours, you will quickly realise why JKX can be the best partner for you as a hobbyisit or for your business. In Japan we call it “Yukuri, yukuri,” which means “slowly, slowly”. I want your association with us to grow slowly. I look forward to welcoming you to Japan.Martin Symonds

Review from a Masterclass attendee

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Japan Koi Export and Martin Symonds for a great experience during the Master Class held in Japan. I am very grateful for this opportunity. Words can not express the beauty I have seen over the past weeks. Getting to meet and dine with several top breeders in this industry was amazing. Still overwhelmed with every thing I have learned and walked away with. I also want to thank everyone involved with with program and everyone I got to meet from ALL over the world. Until next time…..CHEERS!


10 EXCELLENT REASONS TO USE JKX To learn more about the services that JKX offer then please click on the above link.


It is because of our 38 years of close business and personal relationships with the leading breeders of Niigata, that we were allowed to join (in 2016) into the All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai Niigata Chapter, a very prestigious organisation, which we are very honoured to be part of. The members of this organisation include all the leading breeders of Niigata. They arrange major koi shows in Japan – including the All Japan Koi Show and hold regular meetings.


2019 Consol buying trips
2019 Consol buying trips
2019 Consol buying trips Page 3
2019 Consol buying trips

EXCLUSIVE JAPANESE KOI – Check out the breeders latest koi offers directly from their farms which we update weekly. 

Launched in 2016, Exclusive Japanese Koi is a dedicated website offering koi from some of Niigata’s leading breeders.

The breeders have their very own individual pages which gives them an opportunity to include and show you, (the customer),
a range of their koi, whether it be show koi, high quality koi or koi listed on our Spring Console List. New koi and special offers will be updated on the site on a weekly basis.

JKX’s long-term close friendship and business relationship with the breeders gives a unique inside knowledge to the best koi available. Over the years, customers of JKX’s have come to appreciate this close relationship, and therefore many customers return year after year.  For the customer to be satisfied is something JKX strive for – something that is also the “Japanese Way”.

Whether you come on one of our buying trips, Koi Masterclass or one of our tours, we feel that JKX can be your Gateway to Niigata Koi.

We hope you will enjoy using this site and that you will find it helpful.  This website covers all aspects of what our company has to offer. Both Martin Symonds and René Villela very much look forward to welcoming you to Japan.


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