Consolidation Shipping

Our new Consol Price list covering the leading breeders of Niigata’s koi is available now. Shipments start in early February.

Enquiries from agents, wholesalers and dealers worldwide are welcome.

Consol Price List

In November and December following the Autumn harvest, all the breeder’s Tosai get transferred into their fish houses for the Winter and we visit all the breeders and arrange our CONSOLIDATION (Consol) price list. Our price list will be available from late December/early January with shipments staring in February. A full list of all the fish available will be available to see on for the following February.

Pictures and videos and full details can be found on the exclusive Japanese Koi website.

Our standards are high and we only want to be able to supply koi of good quality, good health and good prices. Again our close relationship with the breeders allows us to obtain the very best koi to supply our customers around the world.

We will offer koi from over 35 different breeders and update our list regularly and add new codes and special offers throughout the season.

We work closely and offer koi from many of the breeders here.  These include Aoki, Shinoda, Kaneko, Hosokai, Yamazaki, Otsuka, Sakai, Marudo, Oofucci, Miyatora, Seki Ikarashi, Yagengi, Kazuto Ikarashi, Hirasawa, Kase, Tanaka to name a few.  Throughout the year and when people visit us we can visit any of the breeders in this area.  Of course we work closer to some more than others because we know that they work to the high standards we set ourselves at JKX.


The health of koi is paramount to all breeders. Likewise with all types of livestock farming, new diseases appear all the time. Here in Niigata all the breeders work very closely with the Inland Water Research Station, the Government run centre, having their fish tested regularly throughout the year for KHV and SVC plus any other diseases.

There can be no 100% guarantee with any fish health, but what we can say is that here in Niigata everybody is working hard together making sure that koi health is the number one priority.


Once we receive your order or you have completed your buying trip us, we will then arrange all the packing, health certification and shipping to your nearest destination point in the world.  All packing is done at each breeder’s farm, so no breeders fish are mixed at any time, they are then placed onto a temperature controlled truck which is waiting to take them to Narita or Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

For a price list please contact us

Shipments start in January and continue while stocks last until the end of June. Alfish sachets are used in the packing and in the summer month’s cold packs are added to the boxes.

All breeders fish are packed at their own farms, we never mix breeders fish.

Minimum orders are 10 boxes. For private individual shipments please get in touch.

Worldwide Distribution

JKX have been supplying koi throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Our aim is simple, supplying great koi from all the best breeders in Niigata at the best price to our customers around the world. Over the years we have regularly supplied koi to the UK, N. Ireland, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Canada, USA, the Middle East and throughout Asia.

We are always looking for new markets to ship Japanese koi, so if you are interested in buying koi from us then we look forward to hearing from you.

Koda Koi Farm packing 300 2yr koi for one of our shipments

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