2019 Koi Masterclass with JKX

Our next Koi Masterclass dates will be announced later in the year.

If you’re a koi enthusiast then visiting Niigata, the very heart of the koi breeding industry in Japan and learning from the master koi breeders, is something you simply have to experience. This popular event is now in its 18th year. During the week some of the very top breeders of Niigata will run lessons about koi appreciation including talking about their farms. There is even a chance to take part, time permitting, in koi harvests as well as visiting koi shows which are being held during this time. We want you to learn about koi whilst experiencing a little bit of Japanese culture as well. Time permitting we will run up to 12 classes during the week and visit over 30 farms in the area. Each class will be held at the breeders facility and will last between two and three hours. Breeders who will be taking these classes will be announced shortly.


Reviews from Koi Masterclass 2016 attendees…

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Japan Koi Export and Martin Symonds for a great experience during the Master Class held in Japan. I am very grateful for this opportunity. Words can not express the beauty I have seen over the past weeks. Getting to meet and dine with several top breeders in this industry was amazing. Still overwhelmed with every thing I have learned and walked away with. I also want to thank everyone involved with with program and everyone I got to meet from ALL over the world. Until next time…..CHEERSKatie Scott, Koi Masterclass attendee, November 2016.

Dear Martin and René

“I would just like to thank you both, for such an absolute Stonker, of a week on the Koi Masterclass. My senses have been stretched to their absolute limits, with the superb Classes, & the access you provided for us to more fully appreciate, our beloved Koi. The standard of Koi viewed, were beyond my wildest dreams, I ran out of superlatives trying to explain what I was seeing!
Yes the breeders take the credit for their very hard work, but you guys, with your ability to access the breeders, on the level we were allowed, shows the trust & friendship, you have strived for over many years. It is blatantly obvious to anyone your access & planning gave me at least, an experience that was, more than I could have wished for! There were times I was speechless, other times I was overcome with the scenery & photo shoot opportunities. I will not forget this trip EVER !! All the best” Albert Flynn Koi Masterclass attendee, November 2016.

“Fantastic, exhilarating, rewarding...” Sy Wong, Koi Masterclass attendee, November 2015 and 2016.


Since the first Koi Masterclass back in 2000, this unique tour has developed into more than just a trip of learning about koi from the master breeders in Niigata but a trip learning about Japanese culture which makes us understand more about the history and development of Nishikigoi itself.

Koi Masterclass has developed over the last 35 years of Martin Symonds bringing trade customers and hobbyists to Japan. Normal buying trips during the Spring and Autumn are fantastic to do, but time and business prevails not always allowing enough time to take everything in.

There is no expectation for people who attend these Koi Masterclasses to buy koi, but if you do want to then you can. (Subject to JKX Terms and Conditions)

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