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Martin’s book covering his life in the carp and koi industry is on track to be published early next year. To coincide with Martins book, he has also been filming a documentary in Japan and Europe. Later this year a website will be dedicated to showing previews of the book and clips of the documentary. Both the book and the documentary will be unique to anything that has been written or filmed before.

Promotional video of upcoming documentary

One of the many videos we make that we show on our Facebook page


Over the last year you will hopefully have seen, via our Facebook page or website, short films that we have done here in Niigata. Our aim is simple: we want to give people an insight into daily life with the breeders, and also local events that take place over the year here in Japan. Being based here 365 days a year gives us a unique opportunity to capture these moments and share with koi enthusiasts, and people who are generally interested in Japanese culture around the world. These short films will hopefully compliment the full documentary, which will be released soon. We really hope you enjoy what we do as we feel it is capturing a little bit of Nishikigoi history here in Niigata.

All these exciting projects will hopefully provide koi enthusiasts around the world an exclusive insight into the world of Nishikigoi in Niigata.

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