Of course the main reason you visit us is to buy koi and visit the breeders farms here in Niigata. But over the last 35 years of doing this we have come to realize that the things we see, do and take for granted on a regular basis here in Japan are so different and special that we often get asked if we could offer a more unique type of tour.  So we started arranging 1 or 2 day trips for people who want to experience Japanese culture in a way that they would not normally do or see on a normal holiday to Japan.

Depending on the time of year the events we can arrange day trips to are:

Visiting koi breeders and mountain views in Yamakoshi and Mushigame

Places of interest in Ojiya: Koi Museum All year

Special events like Bull fighting- May to November

Hanabi (Firework displays and festival)- August/September

Famous gardens and parks – All year

Visit koi hobbyists ponds and gardens – Subject to booking

Coastal trip to the Sea of Japan (fish market) – All year

Stay at a mountain hotel with Onsen (hot natural Japanese bath) – All year

Visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama and other cities –All year

Japanese Gardens

In most people’s minds Japanese gardens and Koi carp go hand in hand and in many cases this is true. Historically Japanese gardens and ponds were being built long before koi were placed in them. In many cases Magoi (Common Carp) could be seen in the ponds and then later Koi were put into them, which started the koi hobby and interest that we see in Japan today.

In many of the public parks and gardens throughout Japan you can see koi and still Magoi side by side enjoying their surroundings.

The moat around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo is a great example of this. We have visited and shown people over the years the great diversity there is in gardens through Japan. Whether it is public parks or private gardens we can offer tours covering Tokyo, Kyoto, Kanasawa and other areas.

In the spring-time the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) period is without doubt the most beautiful time in Japan, we often go to Kanasawa an area about 2 hours from Ojiya where there are around 6000 Cherry Trees in bloom also the autumn time with the changing colour of the trees in the mountains is spectacular.


Over the last few years more and more of our customers are also looking for Bonsai Trees. Martin regularly goes to Bonsai Shows and exhibitions held in Japan. He has become friends with some of the leading Bonsai Masters in Japan, who can advise and help customers on all aspects of selecting trees and looking after them. Occasionally we will offer trees for sale via JKX.


Over the last 35 years of coming to Japan Martin has travelled throughout the country extensively. During his koi buying tours and Master Classes he has met and visited many different people in this diverse country.

During this period some of his customers have started collecting Japanese artefacts, such as paintings, pottery, kimonos, military items, ceramics, netsuke and bronze statues.

Martin also became interested in antiques and although he cannot claim to be an expert he has found exceptional places where these items can be found and purchased. He is more than happy to show people around and help with any purchases.

Japan is a diverse country, culturally interesting and unique in so many other ways. We hope that when booking on one of our tours, you will experience the amazing sights this country has too offer.

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