One of the best ways to buy koi is to visit us personally here in Niigata. It is a unique experience, which will never be forgotten. We have been arranging trips and bringing people to this part of Japan for over 35 years. Our trips normally take place from February until the end of June, this is usually for Tosai and 2, 3, 4 year old koi and then from the beginning of October to early December this is for the autumn harvest when selecting and buying the very best koi that have been grown over the previous summer months become available.

We personally look after you throughout your stay. We escort you in our own vehicles and pick you up every morning and guide you around the breeders farms. All members of JKX speak Japanese and English.

If you are looking for the very best koi at the best negotiated farm price, then we feel, whether you visit us for one day, one week or even longer then JKX can be the best partner for your company for koi.

Members of JKX are not agents or middlemen who visit here a couple of times a year but who work here on a daily basis throughout the year with the breeders. We have over 38 years experience of selecting, packing and shipping koi from Japan.

We visit and offer koi from all the breeders in the area and our near daily contact gives us a unique inside knowledge of breeder’s koi and farm prices.

We only take small groups around, (unless you ask as differently). Normally no more than 3 or 4 at anyone time. This allows us to concentrate on your specific needs and farms can be visited more than once if you wish.

We can help with all aspects of travel arrangements and get the lowest possible flights and discounted prices on hotels, we recommend you personally pay for this and we do not offer “package deals” as we feel it is much better you know the exact cost of your trip.

Of course you can plan your trip for any amount of days within these periods.

10 Excellent reasons to join JKX

1. Martin Symonds has been visiting and living in this part of Japan for 38 years and has been buying and supplying koi to customers around the world. René Villela, Martin’s associate, lives in Ojiya all year round.

2. Over the years their long term business relationship and personal friendship has become unique and their close ties with so many of the breeders will benefit YOU when you come on one of our trips to buy koi.

3. We offer small personal tours to suit you throughout the year. We cater for your needs and are happy to visit breeders over and over again until you find what you are looking for.

4. We are here in Ojiya, Niigata 365 days a year working closely with many breeders on a day to day basis. WE ARE NOT agents or middlemen who come here once or twice a year.

5.  Due to our long term friendship with the breeders we can arrange and negotiate the best price for you on your koi.

6. At the end of your trip you can be rest assured that all the shipping and health certification will be arranged for you to get your koi to your chosen destination.

7. You can be part of the “ORIGINAL” Koi Master Class weeks which is now in its 16th year. These totally unique weeks focus on learning about Koi appriciation from the breeders themselves and learning more about Japanese culture.

8. We can help with all your travel arrangements and get discounted deals on Hotels.

9. Due to our local knowledge we can arrange for you to see harvests (when taking place), Koi shows and other local attractions that many people do not know is taking place.

10. At JKX we feel that we can save you money when buying your koi through us, so come an experience a unique trip with us at JKX.

A real “Japanese Experience” awaits you with JKX.